Our Staff

We are very lucky to have developed a team of dedicated, focused individuals, from several different backgrounds.


Josephine McErlean

Being a native New Yorker and Ridgewoodite, Josephine is no stranger to the community. She brings her passion for movement and health to Kore Pilates. Beginning in 2005, Josephine has been an active force in the Polestar Pilates community -  she is a Polestar Pilates Mentor and has completed their Comprehensive Rehab and Studio programs. This involvement has led Josephine and her husband Declan to open Kore Pilates, bringing their experience and knowledge to students, post-rehab clients, and movement enthusiasts alike. Prior to opening her studio, Josephine worked at North Shore LIJ as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant, working with patients that had Traumatic Brain Injuries, those going through Orthopedic Rehab, and Prenatal/Postpartum women. Josephine and Declan are dedicated to making the Pilates Method affordable and available to those in the community, in a safe and welcoming studio environment. Whether you are stepping into the studio for your first time, are a seasoned mover, or Pilates Guru, Josephine will customize a workout program that will grow with you and your goals.


Declan McErlean

Declan is the Co-Owner of Kore Pilates for 10 years, and brings his Irish humor along with him. He began as a PTA, working at Old Brookville Orthopedic Rehab Center with patients . He is Polestar Pilates certified to work with Rehab patients, and is also a Crossfit Level 1 instructor. Growing up, he was an avid soccer and gaelic football player. When he isn't at the studio, he can be found practicing martial arts, hiking, or curled up with a good book. Declan is a role model for those looking to live a healthy life, full of activity and fitness as they get older.  He teaches pilates and spin classes at the studio, and offers private sessions as well as cross training at the studio. He is famous for his 'Two More!' teaching technique.


Anneliese Roemmelt

Anneliese has been practicing Pilates for ten years, and became a Polestar Pilates Studio instructor in 2016. As a business owner, wife, mother of two, and dog mommy, Pilates is both her passion and mini escape from daily life. She offers private sessions at the studio.


Katie Dalton

Katie is a certified Polestar Pilates instructor, having been practicing Pilates for 9 years and teaching for 6 years. She believes Pilates is the perfect way to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Katie has her BS in Psychology, and is currently working towards becoming a Physical Therapist. Her goal is to bring Pilates into her PT work, allowing her to treat clients as a whole person and bring them to their best health. Katie teaches weekly Pilates and Spin classes, and offers private sessions at the studio.


Rachel Klepadlo

Rachel has been practicing Pilates for two years, and became a Polestar Pilates Studio instructor in 2016. She became a PMA - Certified Pilates Teacher in 2017. As a business owner, wife, mother of one, and dog/cat mommy, Pilates quickly became her 'me' time each day. She offers private sessions at the studio.